J & F Mechanical welcomes all applicants. We have based our business on the motto: “A fair days work for a fair days pay”. We treat our employees with respect and expect they do the same to others. We value effort and attitude above skill and offer hands on training for beginners. J & F Mechanical expects our employees to complete their duties on a timely basis with an emphasis on the quality of their work.  Our employees may be asked to work in a wide variety of settings dependent on their field. A more accurate description of duties are below:

HVAC Foreman– HVAC Foremen must organize and execute the installation of HVAC projects. Foremen must be capable of everything from coordinating with cranes for unit placements to measuring, ordering, and installing ductwork and grilles.

HVAC Mechanic– HVAC Mechanics must aid foremen with on-site duties. These are primarily related to ductwork and grille installation, but may include assisting with unit placements among other duties.

Fabrication Apprentice – Apprentices report to the fabrication shop daily and create duct from sheet metal. Welding experience is preferred but not required.

Startup Technician/Apprentice– Startup technicians and apprentices install thermostats and low voltage wiring, install refrigerant piping, charge units with refrigerant, and start units.

Service Technician/Apprentice– Service technicians and apprentices complete preventative maintenance agreements and respond to service calls from our dispatcher. On-call and after hours time may be required.

Plumbing Foremen– Plumbing Foremen must organize and execute the installation of plumbing systems. They duties range from excavation of ditches to placing fixtures.

Plumbing Mechanic– Plumbing Mechanics must aid foremen with on-site duties. These are primarily related to installation of piping above and below ground, in addition to fixture placements.

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J & F Mechanical offers competitive wages and benefits. We seek employees that value effort and attitude. We are a family owned business and treat our employees as a part of the family. J & F Mechanical gives our employees opportunities for advancement and raises as soon as a six months from their hire date. We offer healthcare insurance, 401K, paid sick days and vacation days, profit sharing, as well as many others. J & F Mechanical fosters a positive work environment and encourages our employees to fulfill their potential.

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